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Featured Dream: Harold The Honorary Duck Master

Last modified on August 22, 2023

Harold from Stonecroft Health Campus received the dream experience he always wanted! He spent time at the Peabody Hotel where they made Harold an Honorary Duck Master. He received the VIP experience at Graceland and the Peabody Hotel that he will remember for a lifetime. We were thrilled to make this happen for him and that he had such a wonderful time!

Featured Dream: Wilma from St. Louis!

Last modified on August 22, 2023

When Wilma was growing up her dad worked for the railroad company, and she had a special love for trains since she was a little girl. As a kid, they use to take the train to the St. Louis Zoo. With help from the Harrison’s Crossing Health Campus team, she relived some of those childhood memories by taking a train ride and going to the St. Louis Zoo again. She... (Continue Reading)