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Employee Education Assistance Recipient Testimonials

Last modified on October 3, 2022

“I am studying to be a physical therapist. Trilogy is truly compassionately committed to helping me continue my education.” Kasie R. Oakwood Health Campus “Last semester I received a 4.0. The Trilogy Scholarships have helped make my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse a reality.” Kelly M. Genoa Retirement Village “The scholarship I received from Trilogy is important to me because I could not afford to go to school without... (Continue Reading)

Bobbie A.’s Heartfelt Testimonial

Last modified on October 3, 2022

“I wanted you to know I lost my precious 17-month old granddaughter, whom I had full time, on January 11th. She went down for a nap and never awoke at daycare. She was a healthy little one, she simply was the best baby, and she never fussed as my twin granddaughters do. She smiled at everyone she met and had a certain glow about her. It is evident that she... (Continue Reading)

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