Bobbie A.’s Heartfelt Testimonial

“I wanted you to know I lost my precious 17-month old granddaughter, whom I had full time, on January 11th. She went down for a nap and never awoke at daycare. She was a healthy little one, she simply was the best baby, and she never fussed as my twin granddaughters do. She smiled at everyone she met and had a certain glow about her. It is evident that she was here for just a period to bring others to Christ, as many have led their life to Christ since her passing as they said she changed their lives. I could go on and on. My ED applied me for the foundation which took care of some of the expenses and I am forever grateful to not only her, but Trilogy as a whole! One of the church members pointed out when she was 6 months old that she smiled so much it reminded her of a smiley face sticker. So at her “Celebration of her Life”, we passed out smiley face stickers in her honor. So now anytime you see a smiley face, please remember to let your light shine like my sweet granddaughter Alayna did! Thanks for being amongst the many who contribute to the foundation weekly, as I also give. I have included the latest picture of her, of a friend’s baby, and resident Lois who LOVED when I brought her in to visit. Thanks again for being YOU!”
Bobbie A.
Autumn Woods Health Campus

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Bobbie A.’s Heartfelt Testimonial

Last modified on October 3, 2022

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