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Mark and Milan’s Dream

Batman Brought to Life

Before the age of television, comic books were the main form of entertainment. Mark Umbarger and Milan Doering have been comic book fans since they were kids.  For your own good do not make the mistake of calling them Marvel fans, for they will give you an earful. Umbarger and Doering are die-hard DC fans and like most DC fans, their favorite character is Batman. Naturally, when they heard that BatCon was coming to Logansport, IN they wanted to go.  Mark Racop, the owner of Fiberglass Freaks and huge Batman fanatic, put the BatCon together. With the help of Batmobile replicas and some decorations, Fiberglass Freaks turned the local Logansport airport into Gotham.  Through Live A Dream Umbarger and Doering not only got to attend the convention, but were able to sit in an exact replica of Adam West’s Batmobile from the 1960’s. Umbarger and Doering were finally able to live out their childhood comic dream.

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