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Other Quit Tobacco Resources

Including State Quitline Information with NRT’s

National Cancer Institute: 1 (877) 448-7848

*These resources will be able to give help involving Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT’s), support, and helping to plan and quit the usage of tobacco.

By State Assistance

StateHeadlineOptions Offered
Kentucky1(800)-QUIT NOW (784.8669)You can get over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapies at no cost if you meet all of the following requirements. You must be:
A member of the Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan (KEHP);
A tobacco user (planholder and/or dependent), 18 years old or older and listed as a tobacco user on the KEHP health insurance form;
Attending all regularly scheduled sessions from an approved program to quit tobacco — either the Freedom From Smoking Program or the Quit Now Kentucky program. If you do meet all of the above requirements, follow these steps:
1. Print your voucher and mark the program you have joined.You can also call the KEHP Department of Employee Insurance at 1-888-581-8834 and request a voucher;
2. Get your voucher signed by your program facilitator;
3. Fax your signed voucher to the Department of Employee Insurance (DEI). Fax it to: 1-502-564-5278. The DEI will verify your eligibility and then fax or mail the voucher back to you;
4. Take your signed and approved voucher to your pharmacy. You can use it to pay for your nicotine replacement therapies at no cost, generic patches, lozenges or gum;
5. Save your voucher. Repeat steps one through four every 28 days.
Indiana1(800)-QUIT NOW (784.8669)The Indiana Quitline offers:
An assessment of readiness to quit.
A customized quit plan.
Motivation and problem-solving advice.
Up-to-date information about nicotine replacement therapy.
A Quit Kit, including materials in English or Spanish, tailored for your patient's needs Referral to cessation services offered by local resources or by health plans.
Ohio1(800)-QUIT NOW (784.8669)The Ohio Tobacco Quit Line provides personal quit coaching and telephone counseling free of charge to Ohioans who are uninsured, have Medicaid, are pregnant, or are covered through the Ohio Tobacco Collaborative. Nicotine patches, gum or lozenges are provided for up to four weeks at no charge to eligible participants. The Ohio QuitLogix Online Tobacco Use Cessation Program is available to all Ohioans of age 18 or older (or younger with parental permission).
Michigan1(800)-QUIT NOW (784.8669)
Illinois1(800)-QUIT NOW (784.8669)
Pennsylvania1(800)-QUIT NOW (784.8669)Tennessee—Call the Tennessee Tobacco QuitLine at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669).You may also join the program online at It’s free.
New Mexico1(800)-QUIT NOW (784.8669)The Department offers free counseling services and an 8-week supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patches, lozenges and gum) for participants who register with the quit line. Participants can access services 24 hours a day, with TTY available for the hearing impaired. Quit line participants are also able to request text message support for their quit efforts.
There is also the new QUITNOW Smartphone App now available on iTunes and Google Play. The free app provides smartphone users with a downloadable tool that supports them throughout the quit process, helping them set a quit date, identify reasons for quitting and conquer cravings once they’ve quit.

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