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Trilogy is partnering with Noom

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Noom is a mobile app-based weight loss program that customizes your plan based upon a pre-program psychological evaluation. Using a “traffic-light” system (Green means Go) for healthy eating along with a team of designated health coaches. Participants log their food, physical activity and have access to a social network to discuss their weight loss journey. Trilogy Weight Management Pilot participants averaged a weight loss of 7% and a loss of 14 inches from their waist!

  • Noom is open to all part-time and full-time employees, employed at least 6 months with Trilogy who have a BMI if 30.0 or greater.
  • Cost is $50 + taxes via payroll deduction of $25 over two consecutive pay periods.
  • Click HERE to visit their website

CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR Weight Loss Noom Program


  1. The application to either Noom or Virta Health can be viewed on the Weight Management page. On the application form, employees will be prompted to select the program of interest based on their eligibility.
  2. An automated message will be sent to the employee once the registration is complete.
  3. Noom applicants will receive an email from Noom containing the necessary next steps to join the program under Trilogy’s corporate program. You can expect a message from Noom weekly on Tuesdays.