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Maternity Support Program

Introducing Trilogy’s newest benefit’s addition – the Maternity Support Program (MSP). The MSP is designed to support a healthy mommy and baby during maternity and is for all Trilogy, Paragon and PCA full-time and part-time employees and their insured family members. Applicants who successfully complete the MSP earn $200 PulseCash– enough to cover diapers for your baby’s first 90 days of life!

BENEFITUHC Insured EmployeeNon-UHC Insured DependentUHC Insured DependentAdoptiveSpouse of Employee
Pregnancy BookXX
ER3 RecognitionXXXXX
Campus/Location OnesieXXXXX
UHCNurse Call Lines (Maternity and Regular)XX
Free BreastpumpXX
BeWell Employee AssistanceXXXXX
Prenatal Visits covered 100%XX
Virgin Pulse IncentiveXX
Free Folic Acid VitaminsXX


Click for More Information About the Maternity Support Program

The following booklet contains the full details of the Maternity Support Program

Click to Download the Maternity Support Booklet


Applying for the Maternity Support Program

Upon confirming your pregnancy, download the UHC Health Pregnancy App from your Google Play or Apple store and enroll in the Trilogy Maternity Support Program.

Enrollment in the MSP will include a notice to your direct supervisor that you are participating. This is done in order to provide your supervisor with policy information and improve their ability to support you at this time.

If you do not want your supervisor to be notified please contact directly. 

Step 1: Be Sure you are enrolled in Virgin Pulse. Complete the MSP Enrollment Application below.

Step 2: Look for an email and RedEApp(Employee Only) confirmation for enrollment. UHC will then contact you within 10-14 days. Please be sure to pick up the phone when UHC calls, as it may be an out of town number and UHC will not leave a voice mail message if your complete name is not on your voice mail recording. If you have not been contacted by UHC after 14 days, please call them directly at 1-888-267-3518

Step 3: Complete a total of four (4) maternity calls with UHC (approximately each trimester and one at 6-weeks postpartum) AND complete 100% of your prenatal appointments.

Step 4: After the final call (~6 weeks postpartum), complete the attached Physician’s Verification Form, along with your provider’s signature, and email us at Please use subject line: MSP Verification. Allow up to 45 days for processing.

You must complete the MSP Incentive application within 180 days of date of delivery. Be sure to send the Physician’s Verification Form to us at

Click to Apply for the Maternity Support Program

Click Here for the Physician's Verification Form