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Virgin Pulse Biometric Screening Registration Instructions for Trilogy Campus Employees:

Biometric screening may be completed at your campus biometric screening events or your primary health provider.

Virgin Pulse will only honor a biometric form printed from the individual’s account with the Virgin Pulse identifiers auto populated at the top of the form. You cannot use a generic form and submit with blanks and or handwritten information in the fields. 

To receive your points, you must send in the completed Virgin Pulse Biometric Screening Verified form within 90 days of completing the activity. Minimum requirements completed with your PHP include height, weight, blood pressure, glucose, and total cholesterol readings.

You can submit the form in 2 ways to Virgin Pulse.

  • Upload directly to your Virgin Pulse Account: Your completed Virgin Pulse Biometric Screening Verified Form can be uploaded by signing into your account, click on Support and select Submit a request. Then choose the appropriate form option from the drop-down menu.
  • Fax: 508-302-0055

Follow the steps below to access the required Virgin Pulse Biometric Screening Verified form.

  1. Visit Virgin Pulse and log in to your personal account.
  2. Select Programs.
  3. Select All then scroll down and select Biometric Screening Verified Form.

Once the form is loaded into the system, you will see this requirement marked Complete on your Rewards Statement.

*Adult children are not eligible to earn Points or Bucks for biometric screening completion or in-range results.