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TrilogyFIT Biometric Screening Program

Biometric screenings are offered to ALL Trilogy, PCA, and Paragon full-time and part-time employees (age 18+) at NO COST! Employees are encouraged to know their numbers so that they are empowered to live a healthy life – for their families, for their residents and co-workers, but most importantly, for themselves. Trilogy provides one (1) free biometric screening annually as part of our TrilogyFIT Employee Wellness Program. It is highly encouraged that these results are provided to the employee’s primary health provider (PHP) and that a free annual preventive physical with complete lab work is completed as part of the employee’s medical insurance benefits.

Please refer to your medical benefits preventive exams for a list of free services provided annually.

Register for Biometric Screening

Please select the appropriate button below for instructions regarding registering for biometric screening.

Biometric Screening Frequently Asked Questions


What is a biometric screening?

A biometric screening is an assessment that gives you a better understanding of your health by measuring your blood glucose (sugar), blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI) and cholesterol. Your biometric screening, along with your Health Assessment, is used to calculate your Go365 Age™ —this important number, based on your lifestyle and habits, tells you if you are living older or younger than your actual age. Once you complete your biometric screening, you’ll earn Points and Bucks.


When should I get a biometric screening?

Biometric screenings are encouraged annually, at a minimum. Individuals with a known disease or who may be considered high risk may complete biometric lab screenings quarterly with their PHP.


How do I prepare for the screening?

For the most accurate results, it is suggested that you not eat or drink (aside from water and/or black coffee) for nine hours before your biometric screening. Please take medications as scheduled. Talk with your doctor if you are uncertain whether you should fast. DO take all medications as directed by your physician(s) as you normally would.


What should I expect at my screening?

It is important to arrive five to 10 minutes before your appointment time. During your appointment, a medical professional will take your measurements, check your blood pressure and then perform either a finger stick blood draw or venipuncture blood draw. You should expect a finger stick blood draw at locations like The Little Clinic, Korger Pharmacies or Walgreens clinic.  A venipuncture blookd draw will likely be conducted at Labcorp, Quest Diagnostics and typically your PHP.


Do I need my medical insurance card to get a biometric screening?

No. The biometric screening is offered at no cost through Trilogy’s Wellness program. If you are completing a biometric screening at a partner clinic, bring your Go365 ID card. (If you do not have an ID card, call Go365 customer service at 800-708-1105 or access your card anytime using the Go365 app. From the menu, select Account & Settings then Member ID). Note that coinsurance, co-pays or other costs may apply when screening with the primary care physician option.


Who has access to the data from my biometric screening?

Your data is transmitted from the screener directly to BioIQ (our biometrics platform) to Go365. Trilogy Health Services does not maintain your personal health information. Your information will never be used to determine health care coverage or employment status.


Should I participate in biometric screening if I’m pregnant?

It is the employee’s choice to participate in biometric screening if pregnant. The only biometric results that should differ during pregnancy are weight and waist circumference. Employees may want to consider re-screening for weight and waist circumference.


How many points will I earn for getting a biometric screening?

Earn points for just getting a biometric screening completed – 800 for Body Mass Index (BMI), 400 for blood glucose, 400 for blood pressure and 400 for total cholesterol. Earn 400+ additional points for each measure with in-range results.

Biometric Screening MeasurementPoints Earned for CompletionPotential Points for Healthy In-Range Result
Body Mass Index (BMI)800 Points800 Points
≥ 18.5 and ≺ 25, OR BMI ≥ 25 and ≺ 30, with a waist circumference ≺ 40" for males and ≺ 35" for females
Blood Glucose400 Points400 Points
≺ 100mg/dL or A1c ≺ 6.5%
Total Cholesterol400 Points400 Points
≺ 200 mg/dL or an HDL ≥ 40mg/dL for males and ≥ 50 mg/dL for females
Blood Pressure400 Points400 Points
≺ 130/85 mm Hg
Total2,000 Points2,000 Points
Total Possible Points: 4,000

*Adult children are not eligible to earn Points or Bucks for biometric screening completion or in-range results.


How do I submit my Biometric Screening form?

To receive your points, you must send in the completed Go365 Biometric Screening form within 90 days of completing the activity. You can submit the form in 3 ways to Go365. They can be submitted through the following:

  • Upload directly to your Go365 Account: Your completed Go365 Biometric Screening Form should be attached to your Go365 account under Activities – Prevention – Biometric Screening.  Scroll down and please fill in your results. Upload your completed form and Submit Form.
  • Fax: 1-877-250-7814
  • Mail: Go365
    P.O. Box 14613
    Lexington, KY 40512-4613

You will receive a reply when our processors are able to enter your information. Please allow 30 days for the results to be loaded. Once this is complete, you will receive your points and Bucks for completing the screening as well as your in-range results, if applicable.


Who determines the in-range results?

The in-range results generally follow the recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Taskforce.


If my results are not within range, what should I do?

If your results are not within range, contact your PHP for recommended ways to improve. You can also review Go365 for any “Recommended Activities” once your results are loaded to the Go365 program. Set and engage in these suggested activities to help motivate you to improve these numbers while earning points. Go365 also offers wellness coaching as a resource to you to help you in improving your overall health. Visit  > Health Coaching Tile (on Dashboard) or call 855-852-9450 to sign up. This service is free to all eligible participants. Out of range biometrics can be rescreened for 90 days+ with your PHP.


Biometric SOP with Forms

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