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Managing Your Well-being and COVID-19

Well-being is more crucial than ever during tough times of crisis. Below includes resources for information related COVID-19 and well-being. Please be sure to also regularly check Redeapp and the COVID-19 Resource Center for additional information daily.

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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE Facts Myths & Social Stigma Resource Guide


Labcorp Biometric Screening Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s urgent need for critical lab services at this time, Labcorp facilities have discontinued service for non-necessary wellness screenings at this time; this includes Trilogy Wellness Biometric Screenings.  Employees who are unable to be screened at a Trilogy Health Campus should contact their local healthcare provider to schedule a general wellness exam to receive annual blood work, that is free of charge. Employees may also use blood work, less than 90 days old, to complete the Biometric Screening Form on Virgin Pulse. To locate the Biometric Screening Form, please log on to your Virgin Pulse Account>Program>Biometric Screening Verified Form>Start Now.

If employees are not enrolled in a medical plan, and are unable to complete their biometric screening at this time, they should contact and reference the COVID-19/Labcorp unavailability. We hope that this closure will not last long, but we are unsure of when this option will become available again. The TrilogyFIT team will do everything we can to accommodate these employees.

Employees should continue to access Virgin Pulse to complete their Health Assessment. We thank you for your patience at this time.

Complete your Wellness Steps for 2020!

TrilogyFIT believes that the greatest wealth is health. Start your well-being journey by joining Virgin Pulse and completing your free biometric screening. Employees who wish to receive reduced medical insurance premiums (Wellness Rate) must complete all steps below prior to receiving the discount.

Biometric results will now be recorded electronically utilizing the THS biometric software.

If utilizing a recent PCP visit for biometric results you can access your Virgin Pulse Biometric Screening Verified Form on your VP account. After logging in click Programs, View All, and find Biometric Screening Verified Form. Once you click Start Now a new window will appear where you can print the form.


Step 1: Register for Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is Trilogy’s wellness vendor in 2020! Virgin Pulse is a personalized wellness and rewards program that helps you make healthier decisions and guides you on your well-being journey. Employees can earn rewards for activities like: yearly flu shots, tracking healthy habits, and being active (up to $300 in Pulse Cash annually!).

VP Enrollment Tutorial

Enroll for Virgin Pulse HERE


Step 2: Complete the Virgin Pulse MyPulse Health Assessment

Log in to Virgin Pulse account and locate the MyPulse Health Assessment by clicking on Programs. Select and take the Health Assessment and discover your virtual Virgin Pulse Heart Age.

You must complete all health assessment questions to receive credit for the wellness rate.

Login to your Virgin Pulse Account


Step 3: Register for your FREE Biometric Screening

TrilogyFIT offers FREE Biometric Screenings for all part-time and full-time Trilogy, Paragon, and PCA employees (age 18+). A biometric screening is an assessment that gives you a better understanding of your health by measuring blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, waist circumference, and body mass index (BMI). When you know your numbers, you can identify potential health risks and take the proper steps towards a healthier lifestyle! Earn Virgin Pulse points for the completion of your preventative health screening and get rewarded for being healthy!

Biometric Screening Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Employee are You?


Step 4: Trilogy is Tobacco-Free (Tobacco Cessation Programs)

Trilogy is Tobacco-Free! TrilogyFIT is here to support you on your journey to quit tobacco and improve your health. Using tobacco is expensive. You may be able to save a ton of money by not spending your hard earned cash on Tobacco. Being tobacco- and nicotine-free can also earn you free health insurance, a savings of at least $1,300 annually.

Tobacco/ Nicotine use is now recorded on the Virgin Pulse Biometric Screening Verified Form! 

Receive your 2020 Wellness Rate by being tobacco- and nicotine-free (contact Employee Benefits or TrilogyFIT Wellness for a Reasonable Alternative Solution if unable to to meet this requirement.)

Begin Your Tobacco Free Journey

ProgramMedically Insured EmployeeUninsured Employee
FREE Virgin Pulse Tobacco Free Journeys* (5 journeys available)xx
FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy (includes patch/gum/lozenge) your doctor’s prescription**x
FREE Chantix, Zyban, nicotine inhaler or mist available by doctor’s prescription**x
FREE Clickotine Mobile App (download on Apple or Google Play)xx

**UHC Insured employees should contact their doctor for the prescription.

*Employees who wish to receive the Wellness Rate must complete the following task to receive credit as a “Reasonable Alternate Solution” for being tobacco-free:

  • Complete 1 Being Tobacco Free Journey located under Health, Journeys on your Virgin Pulse account.

Step 5: Select the Health Savings Account (HSA) Plan as your medical plan to save more money in 2020!

2020 Health Insurance Plan Options

The Health Plans will continue to evolve to better serve our employees by welcoming Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.  The PPO Plan contains a lower deductible but requires much higher weekly premiums, $68.00 single employee without wellness rate. The Smart Choice Plan with Health Savings Account continues to provide employees with more control over their medical spending. This means you pay only for the care you need,  The deductible is $1,000 higher than the PPO plan.  However, you are saving at least $2,002 annually for a service you may not use. Are you paying too much for medical insurance?

Health InsuranceSmart Choice Plan with HSAPPOSpouse/ Family Plan
Wellness RateStandard RateWellness RateStandard RateWellness RateStandard Rate
Employee OnlyFree$27.50$40.50$55.55N/AN/A
Employee and Child(ren)$27.50$55.00$68$85.00N/AN/A
Employee and SpouseN/AN/AN/AN/A$108$135.50
Choice Plus Plan with Health Savings Account for Employee Only
Wellness RateStandard Rate
Choice Plus Plan with Health Savings Account for Employee & Child(ren)
Wellness RateStandard Rate
Choice Plus Plan Traditional for Employee Only
Wellness RateStandard Rate
Choice Plus Plan Traditional for Employee & Child(ren)
Wellness RateStandard Rate

If you are currently enrolled in the PPO Plan (Employee Only) and receiving the Wellness Rate you will be paying $40.50 per pay period ($2,106 per year). By moving to the Smart Choice Plan, you would pay $0 per pay period ($0 per year). Trilogy’s HSA provides a quarterly contribution up to $125, and additionally matches $300 annually if you elect to make payroll deductions (as little as $5.77/pay period) to your HSA. To find information on how to select the HSA Health Insurance plan please check Trilogy’s 2020 Benefits Guide.

Open the bonus tab below to see how much more money you could receive from Trilogy for your HSA


Bonus: See how much more money you can receive from Trilogy for your HSA

Trilogy Employee HSA Calculator

At Trilogy, our goal is to provide you with information to make the best choice for your health. This tool helps you better understand how you can take full advantage of the benefits of our Smart Choice Plan with HSA, including the funds Trilogy contributes to your HSA account.

Type of Insurance Plan

Which type of insurance plan do you currently have?

The Smart Choice Plan Traditional does not qualify for HSA or contributions. Pick the Choice Plus Plan with HSA to find out how much you may receive.


Who is covered by your insurance plan?

The Spouse/Family Plan only includes coverage for "Employee and Spouse" or "Family". Pick the Spouse/Family Plan and one of those valid coverage options to find out how much you may receive.

Projected 2020 Income

What will your gross income be in 2020?

Trilogy's Contributions

Based on the information provided above, Trilogy will contribute the following to your Health Savings Account:

Weekly: N/A
Yearly: N/A

Your Weekly Contribution

How much do you plan to contribute per week to your Health Savings Account?

Example: if you contribute $6 per week, then you will save $312 in the year ($6/week * 52 weeks = $312). BONUS: Trilogy will match up to $300 per year.

Your Annual Contribution

Based on the information provided above, you will contribute the following amount to your Health Savings Account each year:


Trilogy's Total Annual Contribution

Based on the information provided above, Trilogy will contribute the following to your Health Savings Account:


Grand Total of Annual Contributions to your HSA

Based on the information provided above, the combined total of all contributions to your Health Savings Account:


Join us on a 15 week webinar series delving into wellness topics ranging from proper athletic shoe selection to fueling for your workday!

Each week will cover a different topic with an associated action item to complete, healthy recipe, social media engagement opportunity as well as additional tips and resources! This is a self-directed program. Participants may choose some or all of the components as resources to benefit their needs. For questions, please contact us at

Register HERE for each webinar topic. 

*Remember there are only 300 slots available in each session. If you are unable to make the live session they will be recorded and placed in folders within the Weight Management tab. 

Need additional support on your wellness journey? Check out the tools on the table below!

Have you navigated Virgin Pulse?

Embark on the new wellness journey, Virgin Pulse, with TrilogyFIT.

Go to to begin enrollment.
Click HERE to view a step by step video tutorial on how-to enroll in Virgin Pulse.
Check out the VP FAQ HERE to help troubleshoot all your VP hiccups. *Updated 2/3/2020
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