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The Temporary Nurse Aide training is the result of a federal waiver from CMS, also known as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services due to Covid-19. Employees can take a short class, be clinically validated, and then be able to assist with the tasks of a full CNA as a Temporary Nurse Aide. If you participate you will also receive $.50 premium pay per hour until the CMS waiver expires, which would be following the end of the Covid-19 outbreak. Please note: The initial approval of this training to you, and the receipt of associated premium pay, is subject to Executive Director and Director of Health Services approval on a clinical basis in order to ensure that our residents receive the best possible care. The job titles eligible for the premium pay are found in the TNA application.

To get started please follow the steps below:


Step 1: Education

The training for the Temporary Nurse Aide/Personal Care Associate is 5 hours long. The education is provided by:


  • Available in all Four States
  • Online and OnDemand

Click Here For Instructions on How to Sign Up


Step 2: Clinical Competence Validation

It is estimated that the Clinical Competency Validation will take approximately 3 hours.

  • If you are an RCA please print the Competency Checklist you are assigned in Trilogy University
    • If you are in another position other than RCA please complete the form in the button below
    • Upon completion of this form, the assignment should be in Trilogy University within 48 hours

Click Here to signup for TNA Clinical Competency Validation

  • Once you have printed the form please take to your Nurse Mentor for Clinical Validation. If a Nurse Mentor is not available, another Nurse can complete this with you instead
  • Once Validated, take your signed Competency Checklist to your AP/Payroll Coordinator for final documentation, and you will be able to assume the additional job duties within 48 hours of your AP completing this documentation.