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Trilogy Foundation Education, Community, and Well-Being Ambassadors

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Each campus will have a group of employees who voluntarily serve as Education & Community Committee and/or Well-Being Committee Ambassadors. These individuals will help lead Foundation initiatives for residents, staff, families, and other constituents.

The Ambassador Vision

To offer Leadership Opportunities to anyone at a campus who wants to grow personally and professionally while supporting the ideals and campaigns of the Trilogy Foundation.

Structure Per Campus

  • 4-7 Ambassadors for each Committee
  • EDs and DHSs cannot be in the Ambassadors program
  • Should include at least one person from each shift and campus/location section (i.e. nursing, culinary, environmental, etc.)

General Requirements for Either Committee

  • Must be a weekly donor to the Foundation’s ONE Campaign
  • Must be a Full-Time or Part-Time employee (no PRN)
  • Must be willing to be a ‘voice’ of the Foundation throughout the campus for at least 1-year term
  • Must complete an eMerge Foundation Education session

The Well-Being Ambassador

  • Must LBE and be tobacco-free
  • Willingness to promote or lead physical activity is encouraged, but not required

Meeting Requirements

  • Each Campus Ambassador Committee will set monthly meetings, to be held at the campus
  • Max 30 minute meetings
  • Ambassador Chair can create agenda for important items that relate to Foundation initiatives


The Foundation will coordinate routine conference calls to learn about campus and company-wide initiatives (to be determined by Foundation leads for each Committee.)

Susanne Koch will be the Foundation lead for the Well-Being Committee

Shane Stuber will be the Foundation lead for the Education & Community Committee

Leadership Potential

  • One person per committee will be selected by the ED to serve as the “Chair”
  • 1-year term as a Chair person
  • Business Office/AP Payroll/Customer Relations might be beneficial for organization and the fact they have working company emails
  • *Chairperson can serve only one Committee each 1-year term, every three years

Ambassador Perks

  • Special meeting space and food/snacks (provided by campus) for monthly and quarterly meetings
  • Special recognition on campus social media pages (where appropriate)
  • Chance to help pass out Education Assistance awards at June and December ER3s
  • For those that complete at least 1-year of service, STARS will be given
  • TrilogyFIT hat for ED-designated Chair person

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