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Dana and Sherry Girls Trip!

We’re going to the big city now!

Our first Dream Reveal of the year took place in Corydon, Indiana, where we surprised two best friends with a girl’s night getaway to French Lick Resort!

Dana and Sherry, both residents of Harrison Springs, formed a special bond when they met in the campus’ dining room and shared a meal together. “We decided we’d do it the next meal, and then we did it the next meal. Then we started going to crafts and stuff together, and we’ve been going together ever since,” said Dana.

Their friendship grew during Sherry’s short-term rehabilitation stay, and when it came time for Sherry to return home, Dana promised to call her every day. Their friendship continued to flourish, but they had no idea how powerful their connection would prove to be.

One day, Dana called Sherry for their usual catch-up. She didn’t answer. Dana tried again. No answer. After calling every 30 minutes for two hours to no avail, she asked a campus employee to contact Dana’s family. Upon arriving at Sherry’s home, Sherry’s daughter discovered that Sherry had fallen 24 hours prior to Dana’s first call. To Sherry, there is no doubt in her mind, “Dana saved my life.”

Dana returned to Harrison Springs and became a long-term resident, and the two have been inseparable ever since. This summer, they worked hard to achieve something very special together.

Each year, Harrison Springs, along with other campuses in their division, participates in a gardening competition called Campus in Color. Dana and Sherry worked hard every day to help take care of the plants. “They asked us if we’d like to water the flowers, and we said ‘Yes, we’d love to!’” said Sherry. “But we had no idea what it was going to entail,” Dana replied.

Oftentimes, they would beat the heat by getting up and watering all of the plants around the campus at 4 a.m. “Sometimes we’d go outside at four o’clock in the morning in our pajamas because no one else was around,” Sherry laughed. But all of that hard work was well worth it. Their campus came in third place in the company wide competition and first in their division. “We couldn’t believe it,” said Dana.

Dana and Sherry can’t wait for their trip to French Lick Resort. “We’re going to the big city now!” said Sherry. The ladies have big plans to visit the spa, go shopping, and plan for the next Campus in Color competition. Sherry said that maybe if they win next year they’ll go on a trip to Florida.

We’re so excited to see how Dana and Sherry’s friendship continues to bloom in the coming months and years. Thank you to the staff at Harrison Springs for helping us bring their dream to life!


Campus Involved:

The Harrison Springs Campus 

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