Types of Dreams

What are Bucket List Dreams?

Bucket List Dreams are a life-long dream that a resident has not been able to accomplished yet that requires resources outside the campus to accomplish.  Some examples include going to the Kentucky Derby Festival or the Indianapolis 500. Bucket List dreams must be requested and planned out by our Live A Dream Staff.

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What are Campus Dreams?

Campus Dreams are dreams that can be planned and carried out by a Health Campus staff.  Campus Dreams are activities or memories that have not been accomplished before by a resident or have not been made possible for a resident in a long time. Campus Level dreams must be submitted to the Live A Dream Staff, but are fully planned out by our Health Campus staff.

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What are Group Dreams?

Group Dream Experiences have been a great way to enjoy some lifelong adventures with best friends, all while making new ones along the way. Some of our group experiences have consisted of trips to the Belle of Louisville, on-field look at a Detroits Tigers Game, and Tethered Hot Air Balloon events. We have found that many dreams are better shared but consistently out of reach for many. By tearing down the obstacles such as cost and stress of planning we have been able share some incredible experiences! These dreams must be requested and planned out by our Live A Dream Staff.

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