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Well-Being Ambassador Toolkit

Click on the accordion titles below to read information from the Wellness Committee Toolkit, or click here to view the PDF directly.


Introduction to the Wellness Committe Toolkit


Welcome to Trilogy’s Wellness Committee campus Toolkit. We hope that your experience will be productive, fulfilling and enjoyable. We thank you for the contribution that you will be making to help our employees improve their overall health and well-being.

All of the information provided in this toolkit will guide your committee team and produce successful outcomes. There are committee guidelines, resources, and suggestions in this toolkit that will contribute to your success.

Mission Statement

Trilogy Health Services is committed to improving the lives of employees by encouraging positive, personal improvement. We accomplish this through a culture focused on wellness and through programs that support and promote healthy, active lifestyles


Why Wellness?

  • 64% — Percentage of members who engaged with a health coach to continue their wellness journey.
  • 18% of Trilogy employees had a newly discovered condition and the health evaluations brought it to their attention.
  • 65% of adults are overweight. The obesity epidemic in the Midwest is real.
  • 25.8 Million adults and children in the U.S. have diabetes.

“If you ‘go-with-the-flow’ in American society today, you will end up overweight.” —Dr. Thomas Frieden, Director of the Centers of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

“Life is not merely being alive, but being well.”  —Marcus Valerius Martialis, Poet


Benefits of Overall Wellness Engagement

  • Increase in personal and work-life well-being
  • Decrease in cost (insurance, sick days, workers compensation, unproductive work time, etc.)
  • Decrease in employee turnover rate
  • Increase in employee satisfaction and engagement = more productive workforce
  • Less organizational conflict
  • Improved employee decision-making ability

For Employees

  • Increased knowledge about the relationship between lifestyle and health
  • Increased opportunity to take control of their health and medical treatment
  • Improved health and quality of life through reduction of risk factors
  • Reduced pain and suffering from illness and accidents
  • Reduced medical costs

For Employers

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Positive public relations
  • Opportunity for cost savings (reduced sick leave, disability, absences, premature retirement, on-the-job accidents)
  • Positive Recruitment tool

Key to Successful Wellness Programs

  • Strong management support – Lead By Example (LBE)
  • Positive and upbeat image
  • Well-designed, paced and balanced programming specific to employee needs
  • Highly encouraged
  • Consistently communicated
  • THS developed the 7 C’s to encourage continued improvement in employee health and well-being

7 "C's" to Improve Employee Well-Being

  • Commit to the Wellness Culture
  • Create Wellness Teams
  • Communicate and Lead by Example
  • Coaching for Employee Health and Well-Being
  • Continuous Education and Awareness
  • Collect Data that Drives Health Initiatives
  • Consistently Evaluate and Report Results

Getting Started!

What Can You Do to Help?

To improve the overall health and wellness of our employees, we are encouraging each campus to develop their own wellness committee (see Wellness Committee for more information).

Steps to develop your wellness committee:

  • Recommend and select a Wellness Champion to lead the committee
  • Recruit volunteers to be a part of the committee
  • Kick off your first meeting to set the tone and establish short and long-term goals

Once you’ve mapped out your wellness goals, use this toolkit as a guide to help design, promote, encourage, and improve your campus’s health and wellness.


Wellness Champions

Each campus should nominate and elect at least one Wellness Champion. A true Wellness Champion is more than someone that is involved in fitness or good nutrition. They also understand that spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and environmental wellness is just as important. Picture someone that leads by example, and promotes programs and events. A person that gets people
involved in initiatives and activities at your campus.

The first step in establishing your Wellness Committee should be selecting your Wellness Champion. He or she can recruit members to the committee. Consider the qualities and requirements of a Wellness Champion as described below when making your recommendation. Your Wellness Champion should be accepting of the role and eager to promote wellness.

Qualities of a Wellness Champion

  • This person must have a passion for wellness.
  • A Wellness Champion must motivate and encourage others to take care of themselves.
  • Possess good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Have the ability to organize and facilitate events.

Requirements for a Wellness Champion

  • Each Wellness Champion should take ownership and create excitement about the wellness program(s).
  • Take proactive role and encourage everyone to participate in all wellness programs that Trilogy offers.
  • Identify, select and recruit Wellness Committee members.
  • Educate employees on Wellness Committee expectations.
  • Promote community resources.
  • Provide ongoing support and communication regarding culture of wellness.

Steps to Getting Started

  • Identify a senior leadership wellness sponsor: choosing someone who can ensure you have the financial and organizational support you need is key.
  • Choose a Wellness Champion. The Wellness Champion will be responsible for chairing the meetings, overseeing the committee’s action plan and should have a strong commitment to wellness.
  • Determine the size of your committee. Generally as a rule of thumb 6-12 members allow for a diverse representation of various departments.
  • Invite committee members to join. Make sure to get their supervisor’s approval before inviting them to the committee. It is important to ensure that you are inviting representatives from multiple departments in order to have a well-rounded committee, even consider including those who have not started their wellness journey. They can either volunteer or be appointed by management.

It is important to establish a Wellness Committee with a clear purpose and defined objectives. Once a committee is established they can:

  • Evaluate your campuses’ current wellness efforts and policies
  • Identify employee needs and interests for wellness
  • Champion the program and encourage participation from their co-workers

Wellness Committees

Your campus Wellness Committee should have approximately 6-12 members. Being a member of the Wellness Committee is a worthwhile and valuable commitment of time and energy, providing an unpaid service that adds to the quality of life for our employees and their families. Each member on the committee plays a vital role in the success of achieving Trilogy’s overall wellness goals. Members should be representatives from all departments of your campus.

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