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Results are in for the Stepping for Heart Challenge!

Thank you to all who participated in our Go365 Stepping For Heart Challenge. We had 1,246 participants, and together, Trilogy walked a total of 363,038,366 steps-that’s 181,520 miles or nearly 7x’s around the earth!

Congratulations to our Top 3 Campuses!

They each will receive $500 towards a wellness event!

Team NameAverage Steps
Shelby Crossing Health Campus 16,824
Paragon - Wellspring Health Center14,646
The Willows at Hamburg11,549

Congratulations to our Dasher Day Winners who each received 10,000 Go365 Bucks! 

NOVA TOMPSON Trilogy- Greenleaf Health Campus
DEBRA ALEXANDER Trilogy- Ashford Place Health Campus
ANGELA SIMS Trilogy- Hampton Oaks Health Campus
LEAH KLAUSS Trilogy- Shelby Crossing Health Campus
JESSICA GOTSCHALL Trilogy- The Willows at Okemos
HILARIA SERRANO Trilogy- St. Elizabeth Healthcare
DAWN BLACK Trilogy- Home Office
EDEN BRUCE Trilogy- Wellbrooke of Westfield


Paragon Wellspring

Shelby Crossing Health Campus

Know Your Numbers and Earn Up to $40 in Go365 Bucks!

TrilogyFIT believes that the greatest wealth is health. Start your well-being journey by joining Go365 and receive a free biometric screening. Employees who wish to receive reduced medical insurance premiums (Wellness Rate) must complete all steps below prior to receiving the discount.




Step 1: Register for Go365

Go365 is Trilogy’s wellness vendor in 2018! Go365 is a personalized wellness and rewards program that helps you make healthier decisions and guides you on your well-being journey. Employees can earn awesome rewards for activities like: yearly flu shots, CPR training, and being active, up to $300 in annually.


Step 2: Complete the Go365 Age Health Risk Assesment

Log in to Go365 account and locate the Go365 Health Assessment on your dashboard. Select and take the Health Assessment and discover your virtual Go365 Age.

You must complete all six (6) health assessment modules to receive credit for the wellness rate.


Step 3: Register for your FREE Biometric Screning

TrilogyFIT offers FREE Biometric Screenings for all part-time and full-time Trilogy, Paragon, and PCA employees. A biometric screening is an assessment that gives you a better understanding of your health by measuring blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index (BMI). When you know the numbers, you can identify potential health risks and take the proper steps towards a healthier lifestyle! Earn go365 points for the completion of your preventative health scan and get rewarded for being healthy!

Biometric Screening Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Employee are You?


Step 4: Trilogy is Tobacco-Free (Tobacco Cessation Programs)

Trilogy is Tobacco-Free! TrilogyFIT is here to support you on your journey to quit tobacco and improve your health. Using tobacco is expensive. You may be able to save a ton of money by not spending your hard earned cash on Tobacco. Being tobacco- and nicotine-free can also earn you free health insurance, a savings of at least $1,300 annually.

Go365 Nicotine Test

Receive your 2018 Wellness Rate by being tobacco- and nicotine-free (contact Employee Benefits or TrilogyFIT Wellness for a Reasonable Alternative Solution if unable to to meet this requirement.)

Begin Your Tobacco Free Journey

ProgramUHC Insured EmployeeUninsured Employee
FREE Go365 LivingFree Tobacco Cessation Online Course* (12 modules)xx
FREE unlimited Go365 Tobacco Cessation Coaching* (Unlimited)xx
FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy (includes patch/gum/lozenge) available through Go365 or your doctor’s prescription**x
FREE Chantix, Zyban, nicotine inhaler or mist available by doctor’s prescription**x

**UHC Insured employees should contact their doctor for the prescription.

*Employees who wish to receive the Wellness Rate must complete the following tasks to receive credit as a “Reasonable Alternate Solution” for being tobacco-free:

  • Complete LivingFree Tobacco Cessation online course located under Recommended Activities on your Go365 account.
  • Complete 8 each sessions of Go365 Tobacco Cessation Coaching. Call (855) 852-9446 to sign up today!

Step 5: Select the Health Savings Account (HSA) Plan as your medical plan to save more money in 2018!

Health Insurance Plan Options

The Choice Plan with Health Savings Account typically has a higher deductible with lower premiums. This means you pay only for the care you need, instead of fronting funds for a service you may not use. The Traditional Plan has a lower deductible, but higher premiums. This means that you may end up paying significantly more than you need to for your healthcare.

Health InsuranceChoice Plus Plan with Health Savings AccountChoice Plus Plan Traditional
Wellness RateStandard RateWellness RateStandard Rate
Employee OnlyFree$25.00$30.00$55.55
Employee and Child(ren)$25.00$50.00$60.00$85.00
Choice Plus Plan with Health Savings Account for Employee Only
Wellness RateStandard Rate
Choice Plus Plan with Health Savings Account for Employee & Child(ren)
Wellness RateStandard Rate
Choice Plus Plan Traditional for Employee Only
Wellness RateStandard Rate
Choice Plus Plan Traditional for Employee & Child(ren)
Wellness RateStandard Rate

If you are currently selecting the Traditional Plan (Employee Only) and receiving the Wellness Rate you are paying $30 per pay period ($1,560 per year). By moving to the Health Savings Account Plan you would pay $0 per pay period ($0 per year). If the HSA plan is selected Trilogy will provide you a quarterly contribution, and additionally match up to $800 if you elect to make payroll deductions to your HSA. To find information on how to select the HSA Health Insrance plan please check Trilogy’s 2018 Benefits Guide.

Open the bonus tab below to see how much more money you could receive from Trilogy for your HSA


Bonus: See how much more money you can receive from Trilogy for your HSA

Trilogy Employee HSA Calculator

At Trilogy, our goal is to provide you with information to make the best choice for your health. This tool helps you better understand how you can take full advantage of the benefits of our Choice Plus Plan with HSA, including the funds Trilogy contributes to your HSA account.

Type of Insurance Plan

Which type of insurance plan do you currently have?

The Choice Plus Plan Traditional does not qualify for HSA or contributions. Pick the Choice Plus Plan with HAS to find out how much you may receive.


Who is covered by your insurance plan?

Projected 2018 Income

What will your gross income be in 2018?

Trilogy's Contributions

Based on the information provided above, Trilogy will contribute the following to your Health Savings Account:

Quarterly: N/A
Yearly: N/A

Your Weekly Contribution

How much do you plan to contribute per week to your Health Savings Account?

Example: if you contribute $6 per week, then you will save $312 in the year ($6/week * 52 weeks = $312). BONUS: Trilogy will match up to $300 per year.

Your Annual Contribution

Based on the information provided above, you will contribute the following amount to your Health Savings Account each year:


Trilogy's Total Annual Contribution

Based on the information provided above, Trilogy will contribute the following to your Health Savings Account:


Grand Total of Annual Contributions to your HSA

Based on the information provided above, the combined total of all contributions to your Health Savings Account:

Other TrilogyFIT Programs