Trilogy Foundation Ambassadors

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What:  Each campus will have a group of employees who voluntarily serve as Foundation Ambassadors.  These individuals will help lead Foundation initiatives for residents, staff, families, and other constituents. 

Why:  To offer Leadership Opportunities to anyone at a campus who wants to grow personally and professionally while supporting the ideals and campaigns of the Trilogy Foundation. 


·         Each campus can have

o   4-7 Ambassadors

o   EDs and DHSs cannot be in the Ambassadors program

o   Will hopefully include at least 1 person from each shift

·         Ambassadors                    

o   Must be a weekly donor to the Foundation’s ONE Campaign

o   Must be a Full-Time  or Part-Time employee (no PRN)

o   Must be willing to be a ‘voice’ of the Foundation throughout the campus for at least 1-year

> Sept 2015 – Sept 2016

o   Must complete an Emerge Foundation Education session

·         Leadership

o   One person will be selected by the ED to serve as the “Chair”

o   1-year term from Sept 2015 – Sept 2016

o   Business Office/AP Payroll/Customer Relations  might be beneficial for organization and the fact they have working company emails

·         Meetings

o   All Campus Ambassadors will be meet quarterly (Sept – Dec – Mar – June)

>  Max 30 minute meetings

>  Agendas will be provided by Foundation

>  Ambassador Chair can add to their campus agenda for important items

o   Chair will have quarterly, 30-minute conference calls  with Foundation (Sept – Dec – Mar – June)

>  These meetings will take place one week prior to full Campus Ambassador meetings

>  First Chair call will take place in September

>  Shane Stuber will coordinate with Chairs, once they have been designated by each campus

·         Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let him know who you designate for your campus Chair

o   EDs and Campus Ambassador Chair can set meeting days/times for each quarter

Preferred meeting days would be 2nd or 3rd week of the month (during Sept – Dec – Mar – June)

o   An Ambassador will be asked to take notes at each quarterly meeting and give to Chair

·         Ambassadors receive

o   Red badge pull for the duration of their Ambassador role

o   Special meeting space and food/snacks (provided by campus)

o   Special recognition on campus social media pages (where appropriate)

o   Chance to help pass out Education Assistance awards at June and December ER3s

o   For those that complete at least 1-year of service, STARS will be given

·         Applications

o   Employee must fill out online application at



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Providing assistance and opportunities to our Trilogy employees, volunteers, and communities.

A servant's heart is the key to success.

The team approach works best.

We are in this together.

Make a difference
in someone's life

Compassionately Committed to Service

Make a difference
in someone's life

Compassionately Committed to Service

Make a difference
in someone's life

Compassionately Committed to Service